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Mold Buster, its feature

■ Most of the mold which inhabit a home can be annihilated 99% or more within 10 minutes.

■ Strong disinfection power also against bacillus or a bacillus called O-157.

■ Biodegradability is high and the product which few loads to environment.

■ There is no pungent smell like chlorine system products, and you can use it also for the one more sensitive to a stimulus.

■ Mold Buster can be used not only as mold removal but as a home detergent.

■ Moreover, Mold Buster displays a detergency preeminent as a detergent for bathtubs.

■ Since Mold Buster does not have a bad influence on the microbe in a septic tank, it can use feeling easily a septic tank also for the home of use. (Waste fluid can be easily flushed down the drain or septic tank)

The whole ingredient

Classified Name
Indicated Name
Compound Purpose
Lactic Acid L-Lactic Acid
Lactic Acid
Food additive Mold removal, disinfection
Organic Acid Citric Acid, Citrate 3Na Citric Acid, Citrate Na Food additive Chelate effect
Surfactant Polyoxy Alkylene Alkyl Ether
Polyoxy Ethylene Lauryl Ether Sodium sulfate Lauryl Sodium sulfate Cosmetic Ingredients Rinse out power
Polyoxy Ethylen Coconut oil Mono-ethanol amide PEG-3cocamide Cosmetic Ingredients Foaming power
Perfume essence Perfume essence
Perfume essence
Water Water
pH 3,35±0,1(Weak acidity)

Fermented Lactic Acid

Fermentation lactic acid has anti-mold and antibacterial activity to bacteria. Although it has been a substance which exists mostly even in food and the antibacterial action was known for many years, application to mold was made into the uncivilized field.

Citrate acid

This substance useful also for a human body is used as a chelating agent. Even if we think that we will whip soap with a chelating agent (sequestering agent) in a bathroom if calcium ion, ferric iron, etc. exist so much, for example in water, it does not bubble, but a detergency declines extremely. If a metal ion interferes with an industrial use detergent similarly, a detergency will decline. Thus, the chelating agent is used in order to block metal values acting as an obstacle, such as calcium ion and ferric iron.

Citrate acid Na

pH (hydrogen-ion density) is adjusted so that lactic acid can work most effectively.

Surface-active agent (washing ingredient)

Polyoxy Alkylene Alkyl Ether
※It is a kind of the surface-active agent mainly used as detergent for kitchen.

Polyoxy Ethylene Lauryl Ether Sodium sulfate
※With daily necessaries, it is used for a shampoo, dental powder, shaving foam, etc.

Polyoxy Ethylen Coconu oil Mono-ethanol amide
※It is the detergent made considering natural coconut oil as materials.

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