Mold Buster - never foamed mold remover for Cleaner of Laundry Sink for Washing machine

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Cleaner for washing machine

Easy rinsing because of no bubbles.

As the surface-active agent (soap ingredient) is not contained, a bubble does not form, a rinse is therefore so easy. Also as there is no bubble, the dirt condition of laundry sink is known at a glance.

As chlorine is disuse, so recommended to poor at chlorine.

No materials containing chlorine are used but are washed by power of oxygen. You can clean laundry sink of machine, and do wash immediately so that there are no absolutely pungent.

Disinfection, mold removal, and washing, in seven sorts of ingredients.

Seven kinds of ingredients were blended with sufficient balance. It not only washes laundry sink of machine, but the mold bacillus and various germs which bred in laundry sink also disinfect firmly (99% and over in dezymotize rate).

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