Mold Buster never foamed mold remover for Cleaner of Laundry Sink for washing machine

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Main Ingrediants

99% or more of ingredients composed of inorganic substances.

Compound Ingrediant Purpose Exposition
Sodium Percarbonate Sterilization, bleaching, and washing. Oxygen bleaching, sterilization, deodorization, and washing.
Sodium carbonate Washing auxiliary agent Liquefaction is maintained at alkali and a detergency is made stability.
Sodium metasilicate Washing auxiliary agent Promote detergency
sodium citrate Chelate effect Scale is made easy to be able to take while blocking the metal ion which becomes the origin of scale.
Boric acid Sterilize Sterilize
Calcination ca of scallop shell Sterilization / washing auxiliary agent Sterilization and deodorization are performed while maintaining liquefaction at alkali.
proteoiytic enzyme washing auxiliary agent Protein stain is disassembled.

3 reasons

Environment-friendly sanitary detergent.

If a surface-active agent (soap ingredient) is used, a detergency can only be raised in between, but since pure soap is made of fat (oil), it can be said to be a kind of materials with abundant nutrition. If this is discarded to the river, it will become a cause for serving as the sources of nutrient, such as plankton, and lowering the oxygen concentration of a river. Although soap itself is a safe ingredient, if it is used in large quantities, the load given to environment is by no means small. Our company decided not to dare to use a surface-active agent, in order to make into a small thing load given to environment as much as possible.

Detergent gentle to those who use.

Although chlorine has powerful bleach washing power, it is an ingredient handling to be warned. Moreover, anyone who is weak in the peculiar pungent smells. Therefore, no ingredient containing chlorine is used. Instead, the oxygen system bleach was used. Although the effect is loose compared with chlorine, there is also no pungent smell and it is simple also to handling. The fully work out plan for heightening the effect to the utmost is the combination balance of seven sorts of materials.

Make it the detergent in which disinfection and mold removal grow precisely.

The back side of laundry sink of machine cannot be seen. And various germs and mold are also the same. Therefore, combination in which disinfection and mold removal grow exactly was considered. It will become fresh if disinfection and mold removal also of the washing machine which was doing fishy smell something until now are carried out exactly.

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