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Aquatic chlorine dioxide

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What Aquatic chlorine dioxide

Bio-Cide International (USA)

Aquatic chlorine oxide is a patent product which the Bio-Cide International in the United States developed, and since the similar product has called the stabilization chlorine dioxide, in order to distinguish from those products, we have called Aquatic Chlorine Oxide.

Aquatic chlorine oxide product is developed in the United States, and the safe medicines approved by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and the Department of Agriculture, and are registered into "A1" group safety is accepted to be also to the list of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Chlorine dioxide (CIO2)

Chlorine dioxides are chemicals which commit to sterilization, deodorization, etc. not by chlorine power but by oxidization action, and it is used as sterilization and an antiseptic of tap- water and drinking water in the United States and Europe.

It is in the state in which putrefactive bacteria, bacteria, etc. carry out adhesion generating and which they start to those things that food rots, and it is the product in which the thing has the work which is kept from rotting, and also decomposes a smell collectively by sterilizing these microbes.

Though it is far powerful sterilizing properties compared with the chlorine agent currently used as a disinfectant of the tapwater in Japan, the sterilizing properties are far excellent in safety compared with a chlorine tablet, and have much predominancy.


It is proved that Chlorine dioxide is the product most outstanding in the comparative study with ten or more kinds of other various disinfection and disinfectants. (recorded by The United States of America and microbe journal ).

It is evaluated that the comparison datawith various kinds of disinfection and disinfectants of other has low corrosiveness as opposed to the Chlorine dioxide does not almost have a smell, either, and equipment and apparatus, and is used especially in the food-processing industry.

Chlorine dioxide is not the hypochlous acid. Therefore, there is no generation of the toxic by-product by chlorination like THMs (trihalomethane) looked at by the chlorine agent.

The effect is proved that the Chlorine dioxide to the microbe of the wide domain, and it is also proved by research of the US Department of Agriculture that especially the effect is 7 or more times of chlorine.

Safety ・ Standard

Chlorine dioxide is a product with high adaptability which has many usages, such as being recognized by the standard of the US Department of Agriculture, D-2, G-5, and P-1, respectively, as surface sanitation, a retort drinking-water-treatment agent, a depressant of mold and a bad smell, etc.
Chlorine dioxide obtains the approval of the above-mentioned USDA (Department of Agriculture), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and is a product with registered high safety.
It is the only product accepted as an antiseptic of the drinking water in the airplane in not only it but the world.

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