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Although we carry out business and sales activities in various methods after company established in 1985, we have been going on our own way as manufacturer for sanitary detergents since we have been remarkably successful to develop lactic acid which our one of our main product. We will create the only one product in the world even after which the other manufacturer could not do it, also we beleive that to maintain we make a production which is way for victory road.

Company phyrothopy

always will make an endevour,
always do not forget about to dedicate to society,
mutually share the profit ,
keep walking as company creating only one product

President and CEO Zen Hoshino

History of CEO

zenichi hoshino

・Born in 1953 67 YO
・Born at Ono city in Hyougo Prf.
・Graduated from Ono High School in Hyougo Prf.
・Established Hiyu Co., Ltd in 1985
・Hobbies : JAZZ, Amature radio OperationAmatuer Radio
・Family : Lovery wife and 1 pussy cats)

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