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Scallop husks calcination calcium

Scallop husks calcination calcium

Although scallop husks were the troublesome industrial waste of processing long, as the method of reuse of this waste, a shell is calcinated at high temperature, it is the scallop husks calcination thing which was ground according to the use, and the main fields put in practical use now have building materials, food, cosmetics, etc. in recent years.

If scallop husks are calcinated at high temperature (1000 ℃ or more), the thing will be made like the mixture of calcium carbonate, a calcium oxide, and calcium hydroxide ceramics. When this granular material was melted in water, about 12.5-PH strong alkali was shown, but it does not stimulate mostly. Moreover, it has antibacterial properties wide range solution and powerful, and deodorization nature is also accepted.

Use to the antibacterial medicine for powder cleanser
Although there are various measures in the antibacterial medicine of powder cleanser, what can respond to a mold bacillus is little. Antibacterial properties as opposed to Trichophyton (a kind of an athlete's foot bacillus / mold) in scallop calcination calcium solution has already been reported. Molds depending on the existence of resistance to other mold bacilli, and the possibility for a measure is left behind.

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