We are the company  protect a life by kindness  and develop the unique products you have not ever seen

Our products

  • Mold Buster
  • Laundry Tank Cleaner
  • Rat Control
  • pure55


  • May 1th, 2013The company name was changed into HIYU Co., Ltd. from the HIYU Limited company.

Our business

We do not imitate the other company, but continue seeking for an always new cutting edge. We perform all from a draft plan to manufacture and sale by ourselves, and always think from a viewpoint of consumers and the customer aiming at a self-conclusion type company, and also think that it is a mission of our company to continue providing the product which is always be pleased and good service to the customer. We are sure that doing one's best in development of an always new value-added product, and just challenging it is a shortcut connected to the further leaps.

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