Phytoncide is a blessing from woods.

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|Phytoncide is a blessing from woods.|Data

Blessing of grove

Phytoncide is a blessing from woods

Extraction method

Extract the oil refinement by method from leaves and trees such as distillatio in order to use phytoncide.
When extracting oil refinement, as for waste etc., sawdust which comes out at the time of thinner timber, scrap wood, or lumber may be used.

Use in various fields

In this way, extracted oil refinement is used as a deodorizer or an antioxidant including the spice used for food as life miscellaneous goods or unregulated drugs, such as perfume, bath salts, soap, cosmetics, a hair restorer, a stomatitis antiseptic. Moreover, use as materials of medical supplies, such as an antiphlogistic, and a stomachic medicine for intestinal disorders, is also advanced.


Although an ingredient effective in a human body is condensed and the form of internal use and cassia is taken, the above-mentioned use, Smelling of incense (burn incense treatment) of our country and the Occidental aromatherapy which recent years come, it is emitted into the air, and it turns out that the diffused phytoncide affects a human body, and are transmitted from old times came to attract attention. It can be said to be the so-called use of a scent, and many researches are advanced even now.

Such a tendency is not unrelated to fixing of a forest bath, and could also be called result which human asks for what gives peacefulness to relief and the heart of stress instinctively in stress society like the present age.

Further application

From now on, broad deployment, such as an improvement of the living environment by practical use at the medical spots, such as application clinical in phytoncide and measures against nosocomial infection, and the application to building materials or air-conditioning, will be expected.

Furthermore, although the persistence has a bad influence on environment or a human being and synthetic agricultural chemicals pose a serious problem, probably, the role which phytoncide plays in development of a natural insecticide and natural agricultural chemicals will be important.

Moreover, can't the expectation for the phytoncide of using for the increase in crop yields of an upland field crop or fruits only be said to be that rising is?

We have been doing research and development in the usage of phytoncide.

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