Little information of rat

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Little information of rat

Little information of rat

○Gestational age : about 21 days. Number-of-times 3~4 times of breeding per year.

○The number of newborn rats : brown rat is an average of about ten . Field rat etc. and is about 4~6 .

○Life: About 15~18 months

○Food : Eats every day 1/4 of its weights between summer and spring,and 1/3 between winter and autumn.

○Radius of action : run about no less than 16 km by an about 20-m radius of action in a night.

It is presumed that it is said that the rat appeared about in 36 million years before from now on the earth, and 12 billion rats through the world, 400~500 million in domestic and 30 million live in Tokyo, about 1,800 sorts are also in zoologically.
The rat has an infectious pathogen over 20 sorts, and can call it the nest where the whole body is sick.

The infectious disease which a rat transmits

Plague, Weil disease, food poisoning, stalk disease, rickettsia, the Schistosoma japonicum disease etc.

Contamination by a rat

The contamination by a rat is not only excrement.

The problem is urine although excrement can be cleaned by cleaning up.

The rat walked and turned in the state which hung down urine freely, and has sprinkled it everywhere. Since the fluorescent substance is contained in the urine of a rat, if it irradiates with a black light (ultraviolet-rays lamp) in a dark place, new urine will be pale and an old one will emit light to yellow/white.
Although the urinary whereabouts can be discovered by this, the urine which is not visible requires sufficient cautions.

Rat's trail and nest

Even so it separates from a path in quest of food, it is only about at most 50 cm.

The entrance and exit of a rat has a hole where the ability to smell an air hole, an exhaust port window, a cupboard, a refrigerator, etc.  A nest of brown rat is mostly in the crack of a sewer, and the crevice between the stone wall, and a black rat is in the underpart of the roof.

The following places are paths except for a place quite obvious as a way as a rat.

・Sewer for drainage
・Duct for air-conditioning
・Chimney for smoke extraction
・Crevice between water pipes, gas pipes, and walls
・Crevice between the four directions in an electrical room etc.
・Chimney for smoke extraction
・Crevice between the four directions of a door and a shutter

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