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not give it food and water
Not to given food and water to the rat

It is called "job of a rat" eating and to bear, and the female of a brown rat is premature, and after rat is born, it will have reprocreative ability on an average in 35~40 days.

Moreover, since a rat comes to lead the life which came out of the nest and became independent of 15-day grade, it should be necessary to sever food which is very important.
Since a rat eats every day, nad should take care about all the food, such as a kitchen, a garbage can, and a dumping ground, and let's put it into a container or a cupboard, and it should attach a lid also to a garbage can. If food runs short, a rat will disperse.

not let rat to make a nest
Not let rat make a nest

Let's clean up and keep places which serve as a dwelling of a rat also on indoor/ outdoors and which were made disorderly, such as a door case, the underpart of the ceilling, and a lumber room, from making arrangement and the nest which is the origin of a life make.

shut out the passage
Cut off the passage

Fill up the passage (it is thinly dirty) where the rat go through and an entrance/exit (1~3-cm hole, a crevic), and then the invasion way is severed. It's enouh 1 cm crevice for small size of rat.

The main methods of exterminating of the special contractor of rat extermination is this work of "fill a crevice" The metallic fence etc. to which "return" was attached are installed and invasion is prevented.

repellent rats and protect re-invade them
Drive off a rat, prevnet the re-invasion

The rat repellent is made from vegetable oil refinement which a rat hates very much.
A rat is driven off by sprinkling a rat repellent on a passage or a frequent appearance part as a rat.  Since an effect is about two months, it has also an effect which can also prevent invasion by sprinkling periodically.

Moreover, if the place of entry of a rat is able to be pinpointed, let's fill up the particullar part.  Please sprinkle a rat repellent in the part which it cannot finish filling up completely.  Regarding with the passage of rat, please refer to the “Little information of rat”.

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