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What Aquatic chlorine dioxide

Although the chlorine dioxide is known as a powerful oxidizer, in a normal state, it exists as gas. The product which confines this chlorine dioxide gas into solution, and can use a chlorine dioxide easily at all places is chlorine oxide. This unique product fills the demand of all sanitizing.

It is the solution which the example of a chlorination oxide has sodium chlorite solution, and generally dissoloved the sodium chlorite powder of the technical grade of 80% of purity in water so that it might become 5 to 25% of concentration. A lot of acid for it being supposed generally that the sterilizing properties of sodium chlorite solution are weak, and generating a chlorine dioxide from them is needed.

Although there is a sanitary chemicals so called a "stabilization chlorine dioxide" in the product containing a chlorine dioxide, the process and performance have a big difference. So we have called our product not "stabilization chlorine dioxide" but "Aquatic chlorine dioxide", and have distinguished these two products in order to avoid too much confusion.


PUROGENE is the most well-used chlorine dioxide products in the world as the most safety and effective sanitizer produced by the Bio-Cide International, Inc.(U.S.A.). Our PURE55 is the product which is based on the PUROGENE.

Comparison with other disinfectants

Comparative concentration required for >108 subtrahend of the cell sprout count within for 60 seconds

Disinfectant Active ingredient (ppm) Pseudomonas aeruginosa Staphylococcus aureus Beer yeast bacillus
PUROGENE Chlorine dioxide (20,000)


93 95
ALCIDE-LD Chlorous-acid soda (27,300) 1,300 300 640
CHLOROX Hypochlorous acid soda (52,500) 1,000 1,000 1,000
C-13 Hypochlorous acid soda(85,000) 820 820 1,600
THRASH Compound iodine compound(180,500) 440 440 450
WAVICIDE-01 Glutaraldehyde(20,000) 2,300 1,200 620
SPOROCIDIN Active Glutaraldehyde (20,000) 1,600 2,200 18,000
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide 36,000 68,000 270,000
SEPTASAN NR The fourth class ammonium 580 140 74
ACIDISAN Q As Septasan+phosphoric 150 1,200 300
AMPHYL Phenolic compound 1,500 380 190
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